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Floor Conveyors in Houston Tx

For almost 30 years, HSC has been manufacturing the industry’s finest conveyor systems in Houston for public and private organizations across North America. Our range of overhead crane, hoist, & conveyor products have earned a reputation for being virtually failsafe. That’s why major brands like Lockheed Martin, Schlumberger, Airblue, and so many others including oil fields and drilling companies rely on us to help with their material handling needs. 

With top of the line American engineers using the best materials and equipment, it’s no wonder we have built up such a strong reputation for reliability, dependability, and safety. Whether its conveyor installations, conveyor repairs, or building custom conveyor and hoist systems to whatever specifications you need, you can count on HSC to get things right on time, the first time, for the best price!

Floor Conveyor Service Area

HSC Houston covers Houston, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Victoria, Freeport, Galveston, Mount Belvieu, Conroe, Navasota, and Bryan Collage Station. For those outside our service area, give us a call at 832-497-2331 and we will let you know if we can serve your location.

Floor Conveyor Types

Skid Systems

skid systems hsc

Our skid systems require less space to operate than typical towline systems. 


Towline Conveyor

We build Towline conveyors, which are embedded in the floor or are low to the ground.

Floor Conveyor

We can build powered rollers, gravity rollers, belt conveyors and much more.

Skid Systems

HSC’s skid systems require less space to operate than typical towline systems. This is because skid systems make use of 90 degree transfers, stops, shuttle carts, and lifts making them a very versatile type of system. Our shuttle carts have incorporated wireless technology including inductive power systems and wireless ethernet communication.


Towline Conveyor

  • Typically, towlines use a cart or dolly which allows engagement with the system’s chain through a towpin.
  • They are versatile, utilizing stops, and chain to chain transfers.
  • These conveyors are used to navigate product through robotic paint systems, for assembly lines and washer systems.
  • System loads include, but are not limited to 80,000 lbs of product per chain on a flat plane.

Floor Conveyor

Floor conveyors are used in a wide variety of industries distribution, manufacturing, retail and more. We have powered rollers, gravity rollers, belt conveyors and more. We distribute for Roach Conveyors as well as offering custom floor conveyors.

Chain driven live roller conveyors are a cost effective means of moving your product. They come in light weight varieties to heavy duty structural conveyors.


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